Patty Gasparino: Lost and Found

I spent much of the holiday break catching up and trying to start the New Year organized. My husband helped me with the Christmas ornaments and I figured since most of them were out of the attic I would do some organizing. I dove into some boxes I had put up there when we moved about five years ago!

Now before the boys were here I was a junker and antiquer. I love flea markets and garage sales. Once the boys arrived – well it’s a totally different way of life. Most days it seemed there was a goat and octopus loose somewhere in the house. When the twins came we didn’t have lamps or put pictures on the walls. One year the Christmas tree even stayed out on the front porch of our very tiny home and we looked at it through the window! Many things were given away – mostly for their own safety.


I am different too…..but some things are still the same. My love of things with a past – I didn’t grow up with family so things with a past appeal to me. I don’t have a Grandma to pass things down but I imagine the love and care it took to preserve some thing and I imagine they have been waiting for someone to find them.  I still love birds and items with an old fashioned charm!

Imagine my surprise at finding this sweet little music box I had thought long gone! It’s not expensive or particularly valuable but I just adore it! It reminds me of another time and for that I am grateful. It’s gracing my craft room now and puts a smile on my face every time I see it.

Do you have a small (or large?) memento that brings you right back to a time and place? ..... a picture of a stolen moment? ... a movie ticket from a first date?... a pair of baby shoes that make you smile? I am grateful to savor a memory I thought lost!

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Alice said...

What a darling music box--I'm glad you found it again!

Since mom died in June, dad is bent on getting rid of everything (except the junk he brings home). We've uncovored a few items from the past; wood easter baskets, handmade ornaments, old photos, and more. It's been both a delightful and heartbreaking process.

Holly said...

What a sweet little music box! Those things that find their way back to you after a while are so precious ;)

I'll admit that I'm a memory-keeper. I have the puppy collar of my first German Shepherd still, and used it on the dog we just lost when she was just a puppy too. I also have the first card I received from my husband when we started dating, and the first card he gave to me when we were married....and that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Shelly Daood said...

That is a very sweet story! I love the music box, but I love it even more when there is a story behind it.

I have some old ceramic pink booties with laces that my mother used to keep plants in...I will never get rid of it. As I don't place plants/water in it anymore it still has the old dirt stains from years ago...one of my daughters keeps it in her room. It's precious to me.

Cillaw said...

What a great story. I can relate to the child proof home too. How nice to refind your lost treasure.

Marie Cramp said...

What a sweet momento! I have a set of Vintage Swarovski Crystals my grandmother gave me when I was a child. They sparkled and I thought they were so pretty. I am glad that through all the years I managed to hang onto them. The made it safely from me leaving home several times in my early teens, they made it through two robberies and they made it through three cross country moves and a divorce! I have no idea why I still have them, but I am ever grateful! To me they are worth more than the sapphire and diamond set I was given from my now husband. They came from a woman I adored and loved dearly. I made them into a bracelet, when the other finding wear out, I will take it apart and make a new one. After all they should be enjoyed!

Lela Bouse-McCracken said...

What a wonderful story...and the music box is amazing! I'm a collector too and have boxes in the attic. I'm so glad you found the music box. :)

T@PoppyPlacePdx said...

Patty, had to hunt you down today, LOL!! :)

Very cute music box, I bet it is so cute in your work area :)

I have a love of antiques, maybe a backlash to growing up with everything painted white and MFI (Brit. predecessor to IKEA) so, when I got married my Mother in Law offered me her parents dining room table and chairs and hutch, as nobody else in the family was interested and it had been in their attic for years, I was over the moon! They have graced our dining rooms ever since. The "kids" know that these items have been in their Dad's family for nearly 100 years and are still used every day by us. That makes me incredibly grateful :)

Have a wonderful weekend, no chasing Octopi unless you are cooking them :) T.

Patti Van said...

Lovely story, Patt-I enjoyed reading it! You have such a way with words! BTW-your images are wonderful and could have been used for I Heart Macro Sunday!

Diane said...

I do...yes, and that smile inside is priceless isn't it? Thank you for sharing your beautiful story Patty =) xo

Diane said...

Oh, Alice...I am so sorry. I know how you feel...going through all those treasures, that might seem like they are not worth a thing to most. It can be such sweet sorrow I'm sure.

Lori Anderson said...

Lovely post, and beautiful finds! I wish I had so many of my grandmother's things, but they all got thrown out when they sold her house.