Cat Kerr: The Builder

Since he was about two, he loved puzzles.  From a 10 pc. puzzle he moved on to a 25pc,to 100 pc and now enjoys 300pc. He also has a love for Lego sets and now a new Joy, three dimensional puzzles.

This little guy has a way of putting these things together. He could sit for hours, only moving when the belly rumbles, but quickly getting back to the task at hand after a snack. He would examine and turn, each and every piece, in a quiet and beautiful way and sometimes, I just sit and quietly stare at him from the other room as to not disturb the builders flow.

When at last the moment of completion has come, he calls to me, and I praise his work and diligence. He stands with pride and quickly rushes off to sort out a space in his room to display his work.

My little man is a builder. Piece by piece, block by block, he assembles and creates….and every day, without even knowing it, He builds, and ties, and forge’s the fibers of my heart.
You can learn more about Cat on her blog, In The Light Of The Moon


mairedodd said...

what a beautiful gift... you have shared much with him by example and he has his own natural curiosity - with patient like that as a child, he is off to a great start!

Cindy said...

Aw, I love this post, Cat. Your little guy really reminds me of his Momma! :-)

Chris said...

Cat, what an extraordinary kiddo! The patience & concentration are admirable. I'm so glad you posted this story. You have to smile when you read about this wonderful guy!

Diane said...

This is soooo beautiful Cat! Now I love your little builder too =) xo