Heather Powers: Falling From The Sky

When I was a young mom I was in need of a new washing machine. I was telling my mom about this and said "I'll just pray about it and one will come my way." Her response was something along the lines of laughing and saying "Oh yeah right Heather, is one going to fall out of the sky?" I didn't know how one would come my way but I needed a new one and I knew my heavenly Father would provide. 

It wasn't long after our conversation when my mom called me and said, "Well, I guess a washing machine is going to fall out of the sky because we can't take ours when we move. You can have it. It's practically new." I was so thankful. 

We have known lean times and plenty, through it all we have always been given what we needed. Sometimes I forget this and my mom reminds me that washing machines fall out of the sky for me and all will be okay.

If you can bless someone today, do it. If you need something, pray. 

You may never be able to repay someone for their kindness, but when the time comes you can always pay it forward. I remind myself of this often and I am so thankful for both the gifts we have been given and those gifts we are able to share.
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Ella said...

So happy Heather you share your reflection with us!
I have had a few washing machines fall from the sky and given a few! I love your view~