Erin Praiz-Hintz: Change Your Words, Change Your World

What message are you sending to the world? 

Words have power. But we take that for granted. We tend to throw our words around with out a thought as to the effect that they might have. The words we use all add up to create our own unique message. We communicate with our choice of words in our emails and letters, our phone conversations, and our interactions with family and friends. Have you thought about how your words are defining you?

We have all been on the wrong end of words. Certain words can beat us down. Sometimes a poor choice of words has sent the wrong message.

But what about being inspired by words? We have all felt the raising up when words are spoken with the intent to lift us. Do you consider whether your words inspire or deflate?

Some words wound. Some words heal. Some words create. Others destroy. Words can instill fear or inspire joy. The words you choose do make a difference.

Today, consider the message that you are putting forth in the world. We are so connected these days that even if we live thousands of miles apart it sometimes feels like we are brushing elbows with our interconnectedness on the web. I have seen so many times where words online, in emails, Facebook, Twitter and blogs are misconstrued, misunderstood. 

There are no bad words. Only poor choices of words. Today I encourage you to think about the words that you use to communicate and what message they say about you.


You can learn more about Erin on her blog, Treasures Found


Shirley said...

Ok, I've wiped the tears out of my eyes. What a powerful video. I'm constantly telling my kids about the power of words. Thanks for reinforcing the message. Have a beautiful light-filled day!

Alice said...

Thank you for the lovely video, and the reminder to watch what we say. It's so easy to say things from the emotion we are feeling at the moment, and regret them later. Words can hurt, and they can never be taken back. I know from experience how hurtful words can be, and how they echo in your head even months, years later. Funny how thoughtful words don't seem to have that same impact.

My Life Under the Bus said...

Amen! So true what a lovely video!!!

Courtney said...

So very powerful! Thank you.