Rhonda Marinkovic: Seasons

Just to confess, there are days when people just bug me.


But don’t pretend you don’t have days like that too!

Why does my co-worker have to do things this way?  Why does the gal in front of me at the grocery store have to share her life with the checker?  Why do my kids not see that their rooms are a bomb?  Why in the world does my husband have to be so abrupt?  Why did that guy park so close to me that I can’t get back into my car?

(You realize, of course, that I am perfect!)

Then I took a walk in my garden.  It is fall now and things are looking a bit scruffy.  I need to trim them back and prep it for winter.

I hesitate, though, as I wander.

The Hydrangea is so pretty as the antique whites turn to pinks and browns...

...the Black Eyed Susan is droopy...

...the leaves on the maple trees are a fiery red and beginning to splash the yard with their favorite color...

Each lives out their lives in my garden so differently, some blooming early in spring and some waiting until last minute just so I don’t feel bad that summer is gone again.

And God makes people this way; each with their own history of blooming times and seasons.  Some are thorny and prickly, some smell great, some are high maintenance, and some make me smile.

He had to leave me a note so I remember to enjoy those little quirky things about the people in our lives, to be thankful that He is so creative and each has a purpose and design, if only to bring Him pleasure.

Me too.

Rhonda Marinkovic is a wife, a mother, and an optomist happily living in the Pacific Northwest with her family.


Alice said...

Though I sometimes wish everyone would just act like I want them to, I realize how boring it would be.

Thanks so much for the reminder to appreciate the gifts God has given us.

Jan Vermillion-Thomason said...

when you mentioned the lady in the check out at wal-mart telling her life story to the checker it reminded me of something i taught myself a while back when the same thing used to make me tap my foot REALLY loudly. (or visa versa and the checker couldn't stop talking).
My revelation was this.
There are so many lonely people in the world.
So many depressed, abused, lonely - you get it.
it was when i realized that that i knew that God was using these people to minister to the other.
I stopped tapping my foot and starting telling the checkers how much i appreciated them and the hard work they do - standing all day long - wow.
Try it. You will be so surprised how blessed you will be when you crack that nut.

Jan Vermillion-Thomason said...

oh. And i loved your post!

Malin de Koning said...

Lovely lovely post Rhonda. Thank you!!!!

My Life Under the Bus said...

So so true!!! lol why can't everyone be just like us??? : ) Thanks for sharing!