Diana Frey: Precious ‘Mom”ents

(the photo above is of Diana with son, Jeremy)
The moment your newborn is placed in your waiting arms, is the moment a woman truly experiences unconditional love, a connection, a bond, a love so strong, so primal that it is difficult to describe. As we see our children grow, those moments are fleeting yet still present. My son, now 39, and I have, to this day, a very special bond but due to our geographical locations, only see each other a few times a year.

A few weeks ago my son came for a visit...to attend his half-brother’s wedding to be exact. I saw him in between running to help set up for the wedding, decorate and celebrate. He returned too late that night for him to relay all the details of the day.

Early the next morning as I lay in bed day dreaming and adjusting to the morning light, my bedroom door opened and there peering around the door was my son, huge smile on his face and bright excited eyes. At that moment, he was a little boy once again and tiptoed to the side of my bed, raised the covers and slipped in to rest his head on the pillow next to mine.

Oh it had been ever so long since we snuggled in bed to tell each other stories, secrets and hopes for the day. As he recapped the events of his brother’s wedding, I couldn't help but look at his hands....the same hands that were so tiny once so long ago that they barely could hold on to my little finger. Now, the hands of a grown man, were long, like mine and his father’s and held the world. His eyes had the same sparkle of when he was but a little boy rushing to tell me something he was so passionate about. I continued to listen while making a mental picture of every detail and feature of his face....seeing me there, seeing his father there, seeing his grandfather there, seeing the essence of life itself.

In that “mom”ent, the magic I felt when I first gazed into his eyes returned to bless me once again. A moment in which we were truly fully present to each other For that moment, I am truly grateful. The moments when you can be totally present to yet another...those are the moments to treasure deep in your heart of hearts, those are the moments magic happens.
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Judy said...

What a beautiful story....such a precious moment indeed.

My Life Under the Bus said...

Oh I felt it as I read it! Beautiful story Diana! XOXO

jeanette blix said...

Yes, a beautiful story.. beautifully written

Diane said...

How beautiful and touching, my friend. Your picture shares a thousand words, as I can only begin to feel what you felt at that moment, looking into his eyes~then and now.