Patty Gasparino: This Little Boy

I've had a secret for about three weeks. I had only told a handful of people . It was a REALLY good secret. It was a secret about this little boy.

This little boy started out his life half of a pair. He was the first twin born and his brother had sat on his head most of 3 months. He still has a bald spot to prove it.

This little boy was the easiest baby. He was pretty peaceful and loved his blue blanket and any stuffed animal he could get his hands on.

This little boy was a timid toddler. He didn't like grass or bugs or loud noises . He had a hard time finding his voice but was always sweet and gentle and easy going.

This little boy didn't start out enjoying school......at.......all.

This little boy struggled........a lot.

 He didn't learn his colors when other little boys did.

 He didn't learn his letters or his numbers right away either.

Every day he struggled.

Luckily, this little boy has been blessed with the spirit of persistence.

This little boy has been blessed with the most amazing teachers and paraprofessionals I could have asked for....such a gift. My words cannot possibly convey the gratitude I feel for what they have done for this little boy.

This little boy who had a hard time finding the right words.

This little boy won a writing contest. One of two little boys in his entire school. 
Today his short story was made into a play.

This little boy glowed with pride .......... and my heart nearly burst with it.

This little boy has shown me persistence does pay off.

This little boy is pretty amazing.

I cannot express the gratitude to the people who have worked with Brian from day one . He has come such a long way from where he started and has been so blessed to have so much help along the way. To the amazing staff of Meeting House Hill School and Consolidated School - We are forever in your debt!

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Jen Crossley said...

This is a very touching post

Alice said...

Congratulations to your sweet boy for his accomplishments! He may have to work harder than others do, but he will be richly rewarded for his determination.

My older sister was born with a brain hemmorrhage. This was in the time where there was not much in the way of help or compassion for kids like this. We've come a long long way since then, which makes me happy!

You are blessed in so many ways!

Courtney said...

Tears in my eyes! So wonderful. Thank you, Patty for sharing.

Judy said...

Such a beautiful story....I am smiling along with you and your beautiful boy!

LisaS said...

Thank you for sharing...

Diana said...

Beautifully written Proud Mama! Touching story, thank you for sharing.

Christine Altmiller said...

patty, i want to say something profound, but i am crying so i cannot. what a joyous post from a very proud mama! congrats to your son and your whole family. it takes a whole lot of people to bring a child out of their shell and find their gifts.

Lori Bowring Michaud said...

Beautiful. I too was blessed with such a little boy. I didn't always look at it as a blessing, but it most certainly was.

Leslie Todd said...

This story brought me to tears. Congratulations to Brian for his persistence and for his winning short short story! Thank you for sharing, Patty.

Malin de Koning said...

Beautiful!!!! I have tears in my eyes now Patti. Thank you!

Jan Vermillion-Thomason said...

Oh, what a beautiful post.
Your little boy - he's amazing - and I know the school had a huge part in that because you said so.
But, his mommy, from the start, using the strength that God has given her, deserves a post written about her.
YOU have done so much for that little boy that fills your heart.

You touched my heart and I will think about this story all day.