Rhonda Marinkovic: The Walk

We took a walk in the cool, crisp fall air, my kids and I.

I so enjoyed listening to their happy chatter of the things that are important to them; new school, grades, friends, soccer, the playground.  We stopped to enjoy the view, we stopped to tie a shoe, and we kicked pinecones ahead of our pace.

When we got home and all tucked into bed I remembered that even though we have moments that are busy and crazy and stressful, my kids are growing so quickly and I am thankful for that walk we took today. 


Rhonda Marinkovic is a wife, a mother, and an optomist happily living in the Pacific Northwest with her family.


Holly said...

There's nothing like a wonderful fall walk to make one really appreciate what you have at that moment :) Lovely post!

In the Light of the Moon said...

I feel the same way...we walk to school in the morning...and I treasure each and every step.Beautiful Post..thanks for sharing.Warmest Regards,Cat

My Life Under the Bus said...

Yes there is no better way to recharge then a walk...or sitting down to dinner together some of our best conversations have been around the dinner table!