Teresa Roberts: The Possibilities Are Grand!

I recently went through a major life event - a divorce - after raising three beautiful children, going through his job losses, a horrific automobile accident he was involved in and nearly 30 years of marriage.  And even though the change was instigated by me, it wasn't without many, many tears, second (and third, and fourth . . . ) thoughts, angst and LOTS of praying!

But once the decision was finally made, a huge weight lifted off of me and I knew in my heart it was the right decision for me.  And on that Monday, the day the divorce was final, I came home from the courthouse, sat in my living room and just breathed . . .  sitting in stunned silence, basking in my newborn freedom.  And me, being a planner, suddenly panicked about what was I going to do next.  I had been so focused on getting through this painful event, that I hadn't thought beyond this very moment!

And as I sat there thinking what should I do next, which way should I go, how will I manage everything, will this all work out ??????????. . . on and on, spinning myself into a tizzy . . . it suddenly dawned on me that I DIDN'T have to make any decisions right then.  That the rest of my life was a blank canvas, just waiting to be filled with the artwork of my future life.  And then I began to glow inside as I thought of all the possibilities . . . and my, oh my, were they grand!

And so, with a new-found love of writing poetry and stories, I wrote this poem to remind myself of all the positive things I had to look forward to.  I hope that any of you that are dealing with a sudden change in your life will read this and realize that YOU control how you react to that change . . . how you frame your thoughts around whether it's a positive event or not . . . how you decide to move forward in spite of the change . . . how you let go and let God walk with you down this new road you are traveling on.  And I hope and pray that you can see even just one grand possibility to lead you through the situation you face . . . and I hope in some small way this poem inspires you to move forward, keeping your mind open to the myriad of possibilities in this beautiful world God has provided us.

Have a joyous day!

TA Roberts

The Possibilities Are Grand!

My future is spread out before me I
can go anywhere, be who I want to be ,
and the possibilities are grand it
doesn’t even have to be planned!

I might take it one day at a time
and experiment with paints and rhyme.
Or I might write a story or two the
good thing is it doesn’t matter what I do!

I need to work hard and save my money
so I can travel and see my honey!
And I want to take some classes
to learn how to illustrate for the masses.

I’d love to see my name on a book
and ask my friends to take a look.
Or see my artwork on a gallery wall
or hanging in a fancy dining hall.

I want to learn how to create a website,
to sell my art and what my honey can write.
And maybe selling the coding I’ve learned
is a way some travel money can be earned!

I want to go to a beach and tan
and swim in the ocean and play in the sand.
And find a cause I can really support
like Habitat for Humanity or veterans at a fort.

The key to it all is the freedom I’ll have
to pick and choose and not need a salve
anymore to heal my heart
and this week has been a great start!

My new life started one day ago
and there’s one thing I know it
already feels good,
just like I hoped it would!

And as I move forward and take care of me,
I hope that my friends and family can see
that this hard decision was the right one
and I’m so happy now the marriage is done!

Now I need to work on my mind embrace
the positive, leave the negative behind!
I need to learn patience and how to wait
while I hope that friendly visits become a date!

But for now, I’ll just continue along,
smiling and singing a favorite song,
or painting an owl or maybe some flowers
while God in his grace, happiness he showers!

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