Nellie Wortman: The Horizon

I love standing on the cliff and being able to watch the ocean. How the waves reach high and then come back down to a calmness. How the horizon makes me feel, like it goes on forever. How the sunsets leave me breathless and being able to feel like I could dream and do the impossible. 

Even though I love standing on the cliff where it is safe and the view is beautiful, I find that I never really get to experience the true essence of this. Nor do I really go anywhere. There is nothing wrong with staying on the land, but we are designed by our heavenly father for greater things. If I want to be able to really experience the ride of the waves and the beauty of the horizons, I need to leave the safety of the land. 

Now, this can be scary and instill fear within some of us. For... what happens, if I get caught in a wave and drown. What if I take that leap and set my sails for my dreams and I fail? What if the direction I was heading, ended up going somewhere other than what I had planned?

but, what if....

by taking that leap, you achieve your dreams or even experience one’s, that were better than what you could of ever dreamed.

What if...

I set my sails and the winds change my direction and I end up in a place that held more promises, friendships and happiness than I could ever thought possible.

What if...

I get caught in a wave and find myself trying to stay afloat and through the storm, come out of it with more strength, faith and hope that helps me to become the person that I was always meant to be.

Life will always have a wave from time to time that will require us to adjust our sails, dig deep down within and find an inner strength, faith and hope...but, I would rather have experienced life, than to have lived my life on the land, always wondering... what if?
You can learn more about Nellie on her blog, Early Morning Thoughts


Chris said...

Ahhh..."what if?" Yes, we need to push ourselves out once in a while to grow. To be a "kid". :-)

Riki Schumacher said...

Ahhhhh, so beautiful Nellie. I love this post, thanks for sharing. Xoxo. Riki