Molly Alexander: Grateful For...Being A Mom

The hardest job I've ever had is being a mom.

The hardest AND the most rewarding.

 Zach turned 18 yesterday.

A man by the world's standards, but still a child by mine.

Yet it is hard to reconcile the child with the man.

He used to be so dependent, needing me for nearly everything.  Then we taught him how to problem solve; how to be independent; how to take care of himself.

And now he does.

And now I'm not always required.

Not always necessary.

But he will always be my son.

And I will always be his mom.

And we will both always be needed.

And loved.
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Alice said...

What a handsome young man. Oh how fast they grow up so fast!!! I have to agree that being a mom is the hardest job I've ever had. I can honeslty say that I've never prayed so much in my life as I have while being a mom. I pray for safe travels to school functions, when they're away at camp, when they started driving on their own, when they went to parties, when the older two went to live on their own in other cities. I pray for their good judgment, my daughter's safety, and more.It's a good thing I have a direct line to the Big Guy upstairs. I can also say that I'm so proud of my three children who are intelligent, polite, fun, and so much more. While being a mom is hard work, it is also the most rewarding job I've ever had.

Shel said...

Your son looks like a fine your man Molly! They truly do grow up fast. Mine keeps reminding me that in just a little over 3 years, he too will be 18! I can't imagine it just yet, and since he's our only one it will be both wonderful and heartbreaking at the same time. I will probably feel he doesn't 'need' me much anymore either and that's going to really tug at my heart!! But it's true what you said, they'll always be our sons (or daughters) and we'll always be their moms - and both will always be loved!! (p.s. - love the pictures you shared of your son when he was young - he looks tremendously happy!!)

Cindy said...

Molly, your son is an absolutely adorable guy! I hope he had a fantastic 18th birthday! What a beautiful tribute to Motherhood. Yes..they will always be our sons and we will always be their Mothers - and always needed and loved!