Barbara Lewis: Gratitude

I am grateful for …

:: a family that works with me in my business and has adopted it as their own

:: customers who continue to show their support of Painting with Fire

:: the nearly 2200 members of the Painting with Fire Ning who create a warm, supportive haven for those who are branching off in a new direction

:: Fred Dion, the general contractor who is managing the transformation of the Painting with Fire Studios in St. Petersburg, Florida

:: my students, who make teaching such a vital and enjoyable part of my life!

:: to Chris Connolly and Toni Maddox, who are uprooting themselves to move to St. Petersburg to continue as part of the Painting with Fire Team

:: the fact that Donnie is still with me today … and, in fact, is laying under the covers on the bed as I write this

:: the fact that I continue to maintain good health

:: my husband, who always see the positive in me

:: a God who appears to be laying the paving stones in front of me as I walk down my path
You can learn more about Barbara on her blog, Painting With Fire Artwear


In the Light of the Moon said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful list.Hugs,Cat

My Life Under the Bus said...

You forgot to being *AWESOME* in general lol! Great list : )

mairedodd said...

a wonderful list -