Riki Schumacher: Gratitude Is the Best Attitude!

I think about writing a post for Molly’s new blog almost daily.  Why? Because I am grateful for so much,  every single day.  I let life get in the way of expressing that gratitude.  So thank you Molly for reminding us to put the word to paper. 

Recently, I attended another artist retreat.  That makes two for this year. Am I grateful for that?  Yes. 

Am I grateful that our son opened up his home to us for four nights, so we wouldn’t have to buy a hotel room?  Which allowed me learn and play?  Yes. 

Am I grateful that our two grand daughters got to spend three of the four nights with us at his apartment? Yes.  I can never get enough of them.

Am I grateful that we were all able to have fun and party in this one bedroom apartment, with the girls sleeping on a blow up mattress in the living room, and our son on a cot in the kitchen? Yes.  Feeling guilty, but grateful!

Am I grateful they love dogs and Maddie was not only welcome, but was played with and loved on constantly? Yes.

Small gestures reap huge rewards.  I am so grateful we have that kindness that runs so freely in our family.  I never take it for granted.

Hugs to all,
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In the Light of the Moon said...

Beautiful sweet Riki...so much to be thankful for...I see your heart,full..and open.
Hugs Momma,Cat

Jen Crossley said...

I gratefully I have gotten to know you My dear Riki you are amazing

Rita said...

GRATITUDE, love your post. I am grateful to have you as a blogger, FB, Text friend!. Ciao Rita

kim mitchell said...

I'm grateful for the love my doggies show me everyday and being able to explore and meet wonderful people like YOU Riki! love seeing your Maggy's sweet sparkly eyes on this blog - she is precious.
Kim Mitchell

kim mitchell said...

I'm grateful for meeting you Riki and can't wait to take a class with you and I'm grateful for the love my doggies give me everyday. So fun to see your sweet Maggie's sparkly brown eyes on your blog
Kim Mitchell