Jan Thomason: It Was Sad

I have a cherry red convertible with a tan canvas top that I LOVE.

That may sound materialistic to you, but in all seriousness, driving my little convertible down a back road with the top down made all of my medical problems just disappear.

I was free from everything except the wind blowing through my hair.

(Oh, wait. I don't have any hair Just enough strands to make it look like I have a mullet.  That's why I never go anywhere with my baseball cap or wig.)

Back to the story.

Driving my convertible with the top down, I was free from everything except the wind washing over me. The blue sky above dotted with big fluffy clouds and the feeling that it was just God and me traveling down those back roads.

Driving my convertible filled me with so much joy.

And, then I had to sell it.

I take a lot of road trips, which I love, and my husband got to the point that he feared if I had an accident that I'd be killed and he'd be without anyone to make him laugh.

So, being the obedient wife, I let him get me a safer car and promised him that I'd sell my convertible.

That was last spring.

He bought me a TONKA YELLOW Nissan Xterra.

Safer, yes.
Cuter, oh, please, Tonka yellow???

Yesterday I decided that I was ready to let go of my convertible.  So, Frank follows me to the Chrysler dealership in the Tonka to sell to sell my baby - I was not going through any long dragged out chore of selling my it. This was going to be a one day deal.  I'd take what they offered.

Since this is already a long story, I want to shorten it here and cut to the chase.....

Gone is the convertible (yes, I cried a wee bit) and gone is the Tonka.


I am now driving a 2009 black Dodge Charger WITH a spoiler.

I feel like a 23 year old boy.

But, it's okay. 

God took care of me.

He KNEW how much my convertible meant to me and he made it all better by showing me, across a crowded parking lot, my new car that I am growing to love.

I do love it, but I know I'll love it more when I'm driving down the back roads with God right there taking care of me which is what Frank wanted from the beginning.

God bless Frank.

God bless my new car and God bless the sweet thing that buys my convertible, and may I never see it driving down a back road.
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Shirley said...

That is so precious, both the feeling you got from riding the roads with God, and blessing your husband by letting him take care of the things he can do something about in your life. What a wonderful expression of your love for each other.

Alice said...

It seems silly to have an emotional attachment to a car, but when my trusted Dodge Intrepid, which I had for many years, was stolen--I cried. It was returned later, and with me for a few more years. When she wore out and needed to be replaced, I cried. Now I own an Inferno Red 2007 Dodge Charger, and I love it! I've never had a sun roof or leather seats before.

It's so nice of your hubby to worry about your welfare on the road, but if your Charger is a V8 with a Hemi, does he know how much power that thing has when you step on the gas?????

Enjoy! :)

Riki Schumacher said...

Oh, I know what you mean, losing the convertible is tough. Well, congrats on your new toy, looks awesome!! Have fun with it too. Take care, Riki

Jan Vermillion-Thomason said...

alice, you're so funny.
my 2009 does not even have leather seats and no sun roof.
not even a compass. (it's vital that i have a compass)
oh, and a hemi??
he knows better. LOL