Patricia Gasparino: How to Celebrate Christmas Like You're Eight

Starting in September ask several times a day,
"How many more days until Christmas?"

Plan all the gifts you’re going to make.
(That’s a boat up there!)

Tell everyone you know, "If you don't listen I'm telling Santa!!!”.

Wake up at 4:30am – realize you are the first up!
Run in to your parent’s room screaming, “It’s Christmas!”
Your parents refuse to move…run to the calendar and figure out its October 23rd.

Make baby Jesus out of Legos.....
Put him to bed in the Fisher Price barn.
Use Transformers for the Three Wise Men.
Mary and Josephs preferred ride is the purple
My Pretty Pony.

Ask your parents if baby Jesus wore Pampers or Huggies.
Oh look its Thanksgiving!

Uncle Bob asks you your favorite part of the turkey – answer
“The part tied with string that looks like a log.”
Have your Uncle ask your mother which part that is
 to which she replies “pork roast”.

Use every Thanksgiving opportunity to tell everyone
what they should be getting you.

Smile at your mother …. a lot.

Bring your Dad a soda…… smile at him too.

Pray for snow.

Pray for a pony, puppy, lizard, hamster, turtle and/or potbellied pig.

Decorate the tree with the proper ratio of ornaments –
34 ornaments in the “lower left” / 3 “up high”.

Wait by the Advent calendar for your ½” piece of chocolate.
Scheme how to eat the other days early.
Help your little brother get his.

Make cookies.

Drink marshmallows with a little hot chocolate.

Put a handful of marshmallows in your pocket
that your mom will find later in the dryer!

Make a gingerbread house.

Immediately eat the house you just made.

Be the first one up on Christmas Day.

Know that you have the most beautiful tree in the world.

I am grateful my children get to enjoy the season.

I am grateful to make cookies and have an eight year old.

I am grateful to enjoy the little things.

What was your inner eight year old grateful for?

Don’t forget to enjoy the little things!

XOXO, Patty : ) 

(This post was inspired by *this post* (http://yesteachercrafts.blogspot.com/2011/12/holiday-how-to-bring-your-childhood.html)   about how to enjoy the *Holidays* like a child – it made me want to expand upon the topic!) by Sarah at Yes Teacher Crafts! 
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Alice said...

I just love seeing Christmas through the eyes of a young child! There's nothing better at this time of year. My youngest is 15, and I miss all that excitement and anticipation my kids (and I) had for the Christmas season to begin. These past weeks we have been transferring VHS tapes to discs and have been able to experience this joy all over again. What a delight!

In the Light of the Moon said...

I am grateful that my little one still wants to watch the Polar Express with me...and that my older one likes to load her cocoa with marshmellos.Beautiful post.Cat

Melinda Orr said...

Nice ~

Holly said...

"Drink Marshmallows with a little bit of hot chocolate"...wait, you're supposed to be eight to do that? ::putting away marshmallows:: sigh.

Honestly though, I couldn't agree more - the Christmas season as seen through the eyes of a child - that's how it's supposed to be :)

Rachel Kerr said...

Your tree is decorated like mine!! ;)

MaryL said...

Priceless and hilarious!!! I remember making home-made gifts, especially for my #6 brother (I have 8) who was my arch nemesis (I actually kind of had fleeting good feelings for him on Christmas! :)))

My Life Under the Bus said...

@ Rachel - WHAT IS THAT all the ornaments in one corner lol !!! Then they get all mad if you spread them out!

@Maryl - really enjoying you using "arch nemesis" and "homade Christmas present" in the same comment!


Annette said...

That is just one more think I miss about the kids being grown and on their own! Christmas just isn't the same.

Debby B said...

OMgosh, Patty, I needed this! You can always be counted on to brighten my day!! Thanks for the Christmas love!! <3<3<3

TesoriTrovati said...

You are so very funny, Miss Patty! I love the way you appreciate things.
Enjoy the day!

Leslie Todd said...

Great job Patty! Our tree was decorated like that too, although we had unbreakable ones on the bottom, due to the cats. Your post brought back many happy memories.

Sally Anderson said...

Love this, Patti! So great...