Heather Powers: Holiday Cheer Top 10 List

I love celebrating Christmas.

It's the little things that make me the happiest this time of year.

Things that remind of my childhood, of simpler times, of joys that are heartfelt.

1. Handmade ornaments

2. Listening to Christmas carols

3. Staying up late making gifts for my family

4. Walking in the snow

5. Drinking hot cocoa

6. The smell of pine in our living room

7. Lights twinkling in the dark after everyone has gone to bed

8. The advent candles and nativity on the table

9. Opening Christmas cards from friends and family

10. The candlelight church service on Christmas Eve
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In the Light of the Moon said...

Now in florida,its been some time since I walked in the snow....I miss that,but I am grateful that you made me think back on the frozen toes,pink cheeks,cold breathe,and big big snowballs.Yes,fun indeed.Beautiful post.Cat