Tuesday 10

10 Things To Be Grateful For Today:

If you woke up this morning and are still breathing, you have an opportunity to do something great!  

Greatness isn't defined by size.  Big or small, your contribution to this world - no matter the size or impact - is great and worthwhile.

Take advantage of the fact that you are still breathing and:

Go for a walk

Write a poem

Create something beautiful

Just. Do. Something.

So what are you doing today?


Alice said...

Great list--well except for the coffee. I never liked the stuff,except for the aroma.

Today I'm cleaning house, folding laundry, and getting ready for a show on Friday.

Have a lovely Tuesday!

Holly said...

Happy Tuesday! I am indeed grateful for all of the items in your list...most of all, though, for family and friends. and coffee, def coffee! ;)

Today I'm babysitting for a friend, and then this afternoon will be cleaning and working on a piece for a challenge :) Enjoy!