Judith Glende: Thanks Be For Giving

When my son was little he use to say "Thanks Be For Giving" instead of Thanksgiving. His special phrase has stuck with me ever since and it made so much sense to me.

 I give thanks that he walked through the door today so happy to be home from school for his "Thanks Be For Giving" break.

I give thanks to be able to celebrate this holiday one year after a scary diagnosis of stage II Melanoma. I dodged a bullet last year and I give thanks everyday for that.

I give thanks to have a job that I love and the most supportive husband and son I could ask for. The two people that know me the best and still love me!

I give thanks for the joy in my customers eyes as they covet that special piece of jewelry I made because it speaks to them.

I am a lucky girl and give thanks for giving~

You can learn more about Judith at her blog, Judith B Designs

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Diane said...

What a beautiful post...so full of thankfulness! Looks like she has two wonderful guys standing on each side of her! Indeed a blessing....