Chris Kerr: Road Trips

I love our road trips.

My husband drives my little Toyota either up into the mountains or out to the ocean, wherever we please.

Early birds that we are, we prefer to leave before 8:00 on a Saturday morning.  After dressing, coffee, animals fed and situated, we pop into the car and start driving.  The morning traffic is light.

The morning sunlight holds the promise of fun, small adventures, short expeditions.

We visit a second-hand bookstore in a century-old building.  I pop into a bead shop.  We peruse antique and western-wear stores.    If I focus on the present moment, if I leave my work and family concerns alone, I feel such a welling of gratitude in my soul.

Thankfulness for this lovely country.  Gratefulness that I have this chance to get away. 
I hope that you are able to take a break from your oh-so-daily life.

Just a day, or even an hour that will renew you.

I know you deserve it!
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Alice said...

I love road trips too! But we don't get to do them often enough to suit me. They do make one appreciate this lovely land of ours.

Enjoy your weekend!

Judy said...

What a wonderful day the two of you must have! When we were little we took Sunday drives....all 7 of us and a picnic cooler. I have the most fond memories of those days.

Diane said...

Yes! Love road trips Chris. Makes you see the beauty in this country of ours .... for sure =))

mairedodd said...

what a great reminder... i am so very happy that you do this for yourself... perhaps i can do this as well...