Barbara Lewis: Finding Myself

I’m grateful for … finding myself

I used to have a pad of sticky notes with a picture of Maxine standing in front of the refrigerator that said, “I don’t need to find myself because I know right where I’ll be.”

 But, in all seriousness, the fact that I’ve found my passion has been one of my greatest gifts.

I can lament the fact that I’m a late bloomer…a very late bloomer indeed…

...but there are many people who never realize their calling, their passion, their reason for being.  They work for the weekends, those measly 48 hours when they can do as they wish, before the cycle begins again.

I thank God every day that he brought the people into my life who fostered my growth, nurtured, encouraged and mentored me.

No doubt about it … I have been blessed.  


You can learn more about Barbara Lewis on her blog, Painting With Fire Artwear


Alice said...

I love Maxine and secretly want to be her when I reach old agedom.

I am blessed as well, with a wonderful supportive family, a part time job, and a clear sense of where I want to be (which is right where I am).

Thanks for a lovely post.

mairedodd said...

absolutely agreed... i think one must always keep working toward what feeds them... i think that it is one of society's ironies that we encourage our children to follow their dreams, but treat the same idea as folly once we get older... so happy for you to have found this in life...

Riki Schumacher said...

I too feel the same way Barbara! We are lucky dogs, that's for sure, and I appreciate every single day I get to "play" at work, making art, and being a part of a supportive and nurturing circle of amazing people. Every single day is a gift. Riki xox

Chris Kerr said...

Lovely post Barbara! And you speak truth~~I've experienced the same feeling, the same finding of my passion "later in life". We're blessed!

Cindy said...

Barbara, you are an inspiration. I hope I can continue to grow and find myself, and that feeling of contentment that you have clearly found. I have to add that I always enjoy your sense of humor!