Keeping A Gratitude Journal

A great way to take stock of the positive things in your life is to keep a Gratitude Journal.  There are many pre-made journals available online and at bookstores - here are a few examples:

You can also purchase a blank journal to track what you are grateful for. The toughest thing sometimes is figuring out what to write. On her website, "Living Life With Gratitude", Kirsti A. Dyer gives some examples of journal writing prompts:

  • Real life isn't always going to be perfect or go our way,
    but the recurring acknowledgment
    of what is working in our lives
    can help us not only to survive but surmount our difficulties. - 
    Sarah Ban Breathnach

    Take a moment to think and reflect before you start writing then consider the question:
    "What is working in your life?"

  • Appreciation of life itself,
    becoming suddenly aware of the miracle of being alive,
    on this planet,
    can turn what we call ordinary life into a miracle. - 
    Dan Wakefield

    After reading this quote, think about this question:
    "What are some of the simple things in your life for which you are grateful?"

  • We can only be said to be alive
    in those moments
    when our hearts
    are conscious of our treasures. - 
    Thornton Wilder

    Pause for a moment and reflect upon the question:
    "What you have or who is in your life that you hold dear?"

    Hopefully this will give you some ideas to get you started in your own Gratitude Journal.
    Do you already keep a Gratitude Journal?  If so, how has it changed your outlook?

    If not, which one of these questions stood out to you and why?

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    Beadweaver said...

    Nice post. Interestingly, I have the first journal. My aunt gave it to me years ago and it has been sitting on my shelf unused. You just encouraged me to look at it again.