Heather Powers: 10 Winter Treats

This is my first real winter in 10 years. It's been hard to adjust to the cold and gray. But each day has been a chance to relish in creature comforts and enjoy the ever changing landscape.

1. The water is always really, really cold and fresh from the tap.

2. I've discovered I love soft, fluffy socks.

3. Cuddling is extra nice on cold nights.

4. Colors seem brighter next to the white washed landscape.

5. A cup of warm tea can warm the soul.

6. Gardening supplies on display let's me know my town us filled with optimists.

7. Snow covered trees are amazing in the morning during the pink and orange sunrises.

8. Oranges make me all sorts of happy on a cold gray day.

9. Tiny tracks in the snow hint at all sorts of invisible neighbors.

10. I find I have more time for creating while I avoid the cold!
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Chris said...

All wonderful things to savor during this February~~Thank you Heather! You just brightened my day~

In the Light of the Moon said...

Originally from New York and now in Florida,I must admit that I have not missed the snow..but know after reading your post it reminds me of wonderful memories.Thank you,Cat