Diane Cook: Poppy Love

Just this past week I visited my friend Molly's blog and saw the most beautiful poppy head pins.

She's in the midst of a Poppy Challenge, which tugs at my heart strings just a tad. Not the challenge mind you, (even though I would have loved to be a part of it!) but the poppies.

Poppies are and always will be a significant part of my past. Why? Because my grandmother, Josie, grew the most beautiful red poppies in her backyard. Each Easter, without seemingly any effort at all, on the far side of her huge flower garden, a solid red sea of poppies would show up for all us to enjoy!

Easter was a big time for my mother's side of the family, as many of her sisters and brothers would drive in from the city, along with their children, to see my grandmother who lived in the country.

That meant lots of cousins. Lots of food. Lots of Easter egg hunting and lots of fun. One thing we always did was dress up in our special Easter dresses which were sewn by my other grandmother, Rosa.

This day always proved to be the best opportunity to take the children out into the nearby fields to take pictures in the vast bluebonnet fields. Bluebonnets will always be a part of my Easter past, but the poppies were just the most special part of my Easter memories because they were one of my grandmother's favorite flowers. 

The picture on the left is that of my older sister, Debbie and I.  And, the one of the right...just me one year later.

I recently finished adding a tab on my blog telling more about my two grandmothers, Rosa & Josie, which is also my business name.  If you'd like to know a little bit more about them, here's the link.

I'd love to have you drop by. 
You can learn more about Diane on her blog, Rosa and Josie's


mairedodd said...

i love the fact that you added a new tab with the story! it belongs there... the photos are so sweet, stirring my own memories of holidays past... thank you -

Chris said...

How darling~~What a sweet pic of you and your sis. I love the fence and the garden. Charming!

lorraine said...

Diane, I dropped by your link to read more about your grand mothers...what incredible women!...I love the picture of Rosa in her wedding dress..the headpiece is to die for..i would have worn it at my wedding..it is so awesome!..i too had a grandmother named Josie...she was born in 1906..and was as petite as your grandmother appeared to be...4'10" or 5'? maybe.
Thanks so much for sharing.
Lorraine McAfee

Diane said...

MJ...thank you for traveling over to find out the rest of the story on my blog!
Chris..isn't is just the greatest? Ah, soooo long ago!
Lorraine...thank you for leaving such a kind message, and to let me know about your grandmother Josie! How wonderful and exciting. She was a small woman...about 5'2" like me =) I have so often wished I had that headpiece....gorgeous isn't it?

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