Chris Kerr: Agradecido = Grateful

I took Spanish Language all four years of high school.  I am of Czech-Polish descent and had very little exposure to the Spanish language or culture in our small desert community.  For some reason, the language and pronunciation came easily to me, and now, over thirty years later, I can carry on a very simple conversation in Spanish.

The heroine in this story?  My high school Spanish teacher Mrs. Penn.

She was passionate about the language, had travelled through many Latin American countries AND Spain.  She’d entertain us with stories of her adventures, host potlucks of Spanish, Mexican and Latin American cuisine, and she made the language come alive.

In May we will be travelling to Spain, to a town near Madrid.  My beautiful stepdaughter will be marrying a Spaniard gentleman and we will gather together in joy.

And I will understand her world a bit better due to the love and passion of a high school Spanish teacher.  

Mrs. Penn, I will always remember you and will always be thankful for your love and passion.  

An excellent teacher is an amazing gift. 
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mairedodd said...

that is the truth... i think of people from my past who truly have changed my life... and am so very grateful for it...
i cannot think of a more joyous occasion to visit spain...

Stacie said...

What a great celebration that will be!!!

Diane said...

Ahh...such a sweet story Chris. Yes, this teacher impacted your life in such a way, that even today you remember her. Isn't that just one of the greatest gifts in life? Thanks for sharing =)

Sassy Granny ... said...

Isn't it amazing how powerful the impact of even one life upon our own? No doubt you were (are) an equal blessing to this devoted teacher.

Cousin Kathleen Flanagan

(What fun to find that you are a fellow blogger! It must run in the family's DNA. By all means drop by for a visit at:

Sassy Granny ... said...

P.S. I couldn't help but notice Molly Alexander featured here. She & I attended the same church in Arizona; and her mother-in-law and I are friends. It tickled me to see how small is this world in which we live, even here in the vast realm of cyberspace!

Chris said...

Kathleen~it is amazing how "small" our big old world is. I love that about the internet! I could never imagine this as a young girl~
Diane, you are so very right~
Stacie, what a celebration indeed!!!! Mary Jane~aren't we so fortunate to have people who have nurtured & blessed us?