Jan Thomason: Do You Believe in Miracles? You Should!

I've driven up to Michigan from Texas.

For one very important reason.

I've come to snag my mom and take her back
to Texas to live with us on the ranch.

Every year she spends three months with us
but this year she's staying forever.

In October she was diagnosed with FULL BLOWN vascular dementia.
Long story short, she was actually sleep deprived.
Both have the same symptoms so it was an easy diagnosis to "mess up".

She is back to her old self albeit with some confusion.
But, she's done a 360 from October to now and I give God all of the credit.
He really outdid Himself on this "case".

Would you like all of the details and in-depth writing about how it 
affected me? Read the last three posts on my blog - too much information
for this post, but I would love it if you wanted to know the whole story.

Either way, God is great and God is good...........all of the time and
I love Him so, so much.

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