Nellie Wortman: Uniqueness

What I am thankful for today….


Most of my life, I have wondered…..

why does it seem that I don't fit in anywhere? 
why does it seem, that I am not like others out there?
why do others look at me, as if I am from another world?
why does it seem that I swim up stream, when others swim down stream?

then, one day…I was given the answer from God…..

this is what I heard in my spirit….

why are you trying so hard to fit in, when you were designed to stand out?

I created each person to be unique…
How will others be able to see you, if you are lost in the crowd?
By having the courage to stand out, then others will
see that it can be done and will embrace the gift that I have given them. 

So, from that day….I learned how to embrace the uniqueness in me.
I found that I love who I am becoming.  Each day is a learning
process of discovery.  I found that by having the courage
to embrace my uniqueness, I have encountered and been opened to
amazing journeys along the way, that I believe would not of
been possible, if I would not have accepted the gift that
our God gave freely to me.

You can learn more about Nellie at her blog, Early Morning Thoughts


Alice said...

What a beautiful post! Growing up I was taught to 'speak when you're spoken to', don't make waves, color between the lines (from my military dad). And now I feel like I'm lost in the crowd where no one will notice me. While sometimes this is good, most of the time its a lonely place to be.

Jen Crossley said...

Life is full of challenge's Its hard to stand out sometimes,I often wonder if thats what I want or not,Im happy with me.But as you said Nellie it can e a very lonely world