Patty Gasparino: Directional Guidance

During one of our road trips we all got to meet the other woman in my husband’s life - his GPS. He has to travel to a lot of different job sites during the day hence she appeared to help him out. Apparently he can program it in all sorts of languages and accents but they are all “women". This is probably old news to the technically savvy but what do I know?

 I travel the same circle everyday so have no need of such devices.

Mr. Bus programmed the device, clicked her into place and we were off.

 In about 2.5 seconds the questions started.

“Where is that voice coming from?”

“Who is that talking?’

“Is she telling Daddy what to do?”

“Isn't that Mommy's job?”

“Is "she" putting Mommy out of work?”

“Moooooom....are you out of work?”

“Was she ever in work?”

“We are her work.”

“Is Daddy paying her?” 

“I think he owes me money!”

“Why is dad giving YOU money?”

“I don't think he's paid Mom in years.”

This all took place in the .4 miles it took to get to the end of our road! The rest of the trip went the same.

“He didn't turn!”

“She said to turn!”

“He's not listening!”

“He doesn't always listen to Mom.”


“...are we lost?”

“..Are we there yet?”


“I'm hungry.”

Seriously - I am glad I don't need a GPS - I somehow sense it would not make my life any easier!

I am very grateful God saw fit to give both of us a good sense of humor.

You can learn more about Patty on her blog, My Life Under The Bus


Chris Kerr said...

Ohhhh boy Patty! Fun, crazy and blessed, I'd say! Loved this post. :-)

Alice said...

I don't have a GPS but my husband does. I have to laugh that he programs it on the way home from work--like he's not sure about the directions. On our first vacation with the GPS I was this close to throwing it out the window and running over it two or three times. But I have to admit it has come in handy a few times.

And like you, I have my very own GPS in the form of my faith. Thanks for the smiles this morning!

SummersStudio said...

Yes, indeed Miz Patty, I think a sense of humour is definitely something to be thankful for. It goes a long way towards smoothing the bumps in life's road.

LisaS said...

Thanks for starting my day off in a positive direction ;)

Holly said...

Humor is key to keeping the days moving smoothly :) Love your story! Hubby and I each have a GPS now, since I kept stealing his ;)

SoulsFireDesigns said...

That is fabulous, thank you for sharing, Patty :)

Leslie Todd said...

Oh, Patty, that is so funny and sweet! You should scrapbook all these stories of your boys and give them the scrapbooks when they are grown or have kids of their own!

mairedodd said...

that is hysterical! thank you for sharing that... i will wear a smile all day thinking about your brilliant recounting of the .4 miles...

Meeling said...

Lol!!! The GPS can be a life saver if you are lost...which is easy to do in Los Angeles if you venture out of your regular areas. "She" drives me crazy tho and makes my teenagers ask a bazillion questions and poke fun at her, so she doesn't get used unless necessary.

Trust Patty to put a smile on my face!!

Cillaw said...

Great Post Patty.
Our first time using the GPS and we got LOST. How?? Well, For it to work properly to have to put in the address of your destination PROPERLY!
Ah, only as smart as the programer!Q

T@PoppyPlacePdx said...

Oh you crack me up :)

I have to admit, I get very cranky when "SHE" is on the phone app my Hubby uses but seriously she tells you a mile away from the off ramp to get ready to leave the freeway and over and over THEN as you go sailing past the exit she tells you to take the off ramp. I'm yelling "you should have taken that exit" and my Hubby is saying "she didn't tell me too" Yep, when traveling with males it is always good to have a sense of humour :) T.

Jan Vermillion-Thomason said...

Your post was a SCREAM.
I happen to have a gps in my phone and use it whenever I travel, which is extensively.
The problem is that every time I get behind the wheel, whomever is leading me on my gps has either been drinking or is a crackhead.
I bet I go through four or five different gps girls per road trip.
Why is it so impossible to find one that doesn't have a monkey on her back?

I'm better off with my phone turned off and my wobbly compass on my dash.

(And, yes, i'm aware my gps is just a completely ineffective program of my phone and that these are not real people talking to me. No need to call Molly)