Holly Westfall: Contentment

As I sit here in this gorgeous early fall weather of southern New England, a sense of contentment overcomes me.  With the leaves blowing in the wind, and the sun beating down upon me, my mind drifts.  My life is one of discord and chaos at the moment, so this precious time of relief and joy is welcomed.  It makes me think about what is right and good in my life and so I concentrate on that.  And I reflect upon all that I am blessed with and grateful for.

I am grateful for a pair of soulful sky-blue eyes.  My husband and my champion.  He supports me ceaselessly and without complaint.  He deals with the emotions and upheavals of my life with honor and compassion.  And yet, he doesn’t hesitate to push me gently and sometimes not so subtly when I need it.

I am grateful for two pairs of little hands that reach for me with smiles and laughter.   My children and my miracles.  They are my constant reminder that life will thrive and prosper.  I live for their little moments of joy and discovery.   They are a constant source of inspiration.

 I am grateful for helpful hearts.  My in-laws and my sanity-keepers.  My in-laws are what dreams are made of.  Non-judgemental, non-confrontational, and a quiet, unassuming sounding board, I rely upon my in-laws for keeping me grounded more than any daughter-in-law should.

 I am grateful for sensible heads.  My sisters and my secret sharers.  My two sisters who love unconditionally and understand without words.  We share a special, indestructible bond forged in fire and love.   They know the real me in ways no-one else could.

I am grateful for a joker’s smirk.  My brother and my heart lightener.  A big, strong teddy bear with a unique sense of self and an off-beat sense of humor.  The darkness is always banished with his laughter and teasing ways.  His unceasing faith and trust in me bring about a braveness I didn’t know I had.

 I am grateful for a hero’s touch.  My dad and my true-life hero.  His strength is immeasurable and bigger than the stars and the sky.   His unwavering love and devotion taught me well what a father should be like.  And have made me a stronger woman than I ever thought possible.

I am grateful for enfolding arms.  My mother and my biggest support.  Her strength of character and perseverance are without peer.  Pushing, pulling and tugging, all but dragging us on her back to get to where we need to go, I would not be here without her love.

Coming back to myself, I feel blessed and grateful indeed. 


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Chris Kerr said...

Ahhh, Holly, you've lovingly listed so many blessings. I pray that as you lean into your loved ones that the discord evaporates.
You are a wonderful writer!

Shirley said...

What a beautiful post. Thank you so much for sharing.

Alice said...

A beautiful post. Once we remind ourselves of all our blessings, the rest seems to fall away, at least for a bit.

Wishing you a peaceful day filled with blessings.

Kristi said...

So lovely Holly, you have much to be thankful for and it's wonderful to that you are well aware of it!!

Penny said...

Beautiful post, your words moved me very much. What a wonderful support network you have.

My Life Under the Bus said...

Lovely Holly - You made me smile! XOXO

Pretty Things said...

Such an amazing, uplifting post. And that photo of the fireman's helmet choked me up.

Annette said...

Beautifully said, Holly! You are blessed indeed!

Anonymous said...

Except she forget about her aunties who love her too!

Cindy said...

Holly, you sound truly blessed to have such a wonderful family. Including your Aunties! :-)

Jan Vermillion-Thomason said...